8 Solid Reasons to Choose Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss

The LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) is a remarkable treatment for hair loss and injury. There are myriad of hair loss treatments available to choose from, but the LLLT has found special attention. If you are planning to undergo the treatment for your hair loss, below are top advantages of the therapy for your knowledge.

A Non-surgical Painless Treatment

The low level laser therapy is non-surgical treatment. The treatment process doesn’t cause any pain and inflammation on the scalp. It doesn’t require patients to use painkillers. It is actually non-toxic and non-invasive treatment that improves the overall quality of life.

Help to Get Back Hair Growth

You may have heard a lot about hair transplant where your own hairs or donor hairs are transplanted to the balding areas. The solution doesn’t bring back the natural hair but with LLLT treatment you can get your natural hair growth back. It stimulates the blood circulation on the scalp and repair tissue to get back natural hair growth. This sounds amazing and makes LLLT hair regrowth treatment remarkable.

No Side Effects

The low level laser therapy is known as Class III level laser whereas high power laser therapy is known as Class IV level laser. The cold laser penetrates 0.5 cm which is enough to reach to the hair follicles. The high level laser penetrates 4 cm which is good to treat joints, nerves, ligaments and muscles. The scalp treatment with LLLT provides the best outputs as it repairs scalp tissue and improve blood flow. Undergoing the cold laser treatment again and again has no adverse side effects but high level can cause skin irritation and inflammation. It has been clinically proved that cold laser therapy is safe for hair growth.

Reduces Hair Loss

The therapy has been clinically tested for its results. It reduces hair fall around 85%. Considering the therapy before you start getting bald could be beneficial. It will reduce your constant hair loss.

Hassle Free Treatment Procedure

The treatment procedure is simply hassle free. The treatment requires 2-3 visits to the clinic. The treatment lasts around 10-15 minutes where low level laser is administered by experts to the scalp with the help of a head cap. Some patients are recommended to use a low level laser comb. It doesn’t need often visit to the clinic.

Fruitful for Hair Loss due to Genetics

People who have a history of alopecia in the family can find the LLLT very helpful. The treatment works great to people going through pattern balding.

Design for Both Men & Women

Not only men but also women can consider the treatment to treat alopecia. It is a well suitable treatment for women who have early signs of alopecia.

Positive Result in a Few Weeks

The treatment result can be seen in 2-4 weeks. It is primarily depended on patient to patient. Many patients may take 12-13 weeks. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain patience during treatment.

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