Get a Bright Smile with Invisalign Treatment

In present day scenario, people suffer from oral health problem but don’t pay adequate attention to it. You smile is first thing that anyone notices, so it’s important that you don’t overlook oral hygiene.

If your child has gaps, under bite, overbite, crowding, or cross bite between teeth, then he or she needs a corrective orthodontic treatment. Advanced 3D technology provides your complete plan based on dentist’s prescription, from teeth’s initial position to desired final position. Based on the plan, aligners are made for your teeth to move teeth in straight line.

Each aligner has to be worn for about 15 days before replacing it with next one, constantly moving towards final projected position. You can consult best dentist in Delhi, if you are looking for an Invisalign treatment.

Points to be noted in Respect of Invisalign

Different Treatment for Everyone
Most of the dentists in Delhi may suggest you that Invisalign is not a suitable treatment for everyone. A consultation with certified orthodontist quickly reveals an appropriate treatment for you. A well trained orthodontist can suggest a suitable procedure workable for you, if not for others.

This treatment is faster than other treatments as per Consumer guide to Dentistry. Braces may take years in giving you an observable change but Invisalign gives you faster results. If you are looking for changes in a year or so this is the best option for your child.

Less Apparent
Invisalign helps you in getting better hygiene and care as the clear plastic trays are less apparent in comparison to brackets and wires used in braces. No one even gets to know that you have worn nearly invisible aligners.
The virtually imperceptible aligners are made up of thermoplastic material which is especially developed for Invisalign system. The aligners are customized to give you a good fit.

Easily Removable
Invisaligns are removable which makes it easier for your child to floss and brush his or her teeth. This is very difficult in traditional braces. The invisalign aligners can be easily removed and cleaned. It gives you more flexibility than braces while eating and drinking.

Invisaligns are convenient. If your child is suffering from swollen gums, then this is best procedure to get it corrected. The absence to metal brackets and wires prevent ache and give a better fit.

Foreseeing the Results
Invisalign helps you in viewing the virtual results before you even start the procedure so that you can see how your teeth will look like after the treatment.

Cost of Treatment
Cost is an important factor if you are thinking about any treatment. The cost of Invisalign depends on complication of the case and course of treatment. As an approximation, the cost of Invisalign is comparable to braces. Though only treatment provide best dentist in delhi region can give you details of complete cost.

Treatment Duration
It’s another important factor to consider before going to best dentist in Delhi ncr. The total time required for treatment depends on the complexity of treatment and is usually comparable to braces. Generally, treatment lasts for 9 to 18 months. Your Invisalign provide can give you more details during your consultation.

Cleaning your Aligners
For oral hygiene it’s important to clean your aligners on regular basis. You can use brush for cleaning it and then you can wash them in tepid water or you may use special cleaning tablets or Invisalign.

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