Read the information and knowledge about the world of medicine is one way to increase awareness of health. Therefore, health is the root of a person to be able to do anything to perpetuate life. Various sources of news could be obtained easily, thanks to the various platforms of mass media or formal, such as counseling or seminars.

Do not just absorb all the news about the world of medicine, because medicine has its own rules in its implementation to makhlup life, especially human. Indonesian society is often underestimated against medical-related information. To meet all the information about the medicine properly according to his knowledge, Nathanael was formed hzrtg.com healthy tips   Faibis.

First aired in July 2014 and then, as the Founder and CEO Nathanael hzrtg.com healthy tips  , mentioning that hzrtg.com healthy tips  site intended specifically for the Indonesian people, in order to obtain any information about the world of medicine. “hzrtg.com healthy tips  contents packaged using Indonesian language, so it can be easily understood by visitors to the site,” said Faibis.

hzrtg.com healthy tips  great vision of presence in the midst of the people of Indonesia, which led to the ability to dare to decide and recognize health conditions faced by someone. “We believe that patients who are knowledgeable will be able to care for themselves and their families better. We hope hzrtg.com healthy tips  will make Indonesia a more healthy, “continued Faibis.

Each month, hzrtg.com healthy tips visited by millions of people, 91 percent came to the site through search engines (source: SimilarWeb). Not only rely on the site, hzrtg.com healthy tips  also actively marketing its publication through social media. Such as through your Facebook account, which already has as many as more than 175 thousand likes .

Find information easily

Various disease-related content, drugs, welfare issues and family problems, shared hzrtg.com healthy tips scientific research and edited carefully by doctors involved in this site. hzrtg.com healthy tips also openly told the visitors, who doctors involved, as stated on its website.

In appearance design of the site, hzrtg.com healthy tips easier for users to be able to  scroll and surf the whole site, and find the desired information. For example, the channel Diseases AZ, users can search for information by name of the disease, which is meticulously organized alphabetically. Some diseases of particular organs, is given a more detailed elaboration, such as viruses, cancer, heart, brain, psychology, and so on.

Even for those who want to find the name or type of medicine to use, users can take advantage of Drugs AZ channel, which is also arranged in alphabetical order the names of the chemical. Completing the reader in finding information related to drugs, hzrtg.com healthy tips include general user guide to avoid drug abuse.

Tips and information on healthy lifestyles and family also complements the site with features Ask The Doctor. For users who want to ask questions directly to the doctor, can pour the desired question in the platform this questioning. Users only need to register emails just to be able to use this feature.

But, of course, doctors need immediate diagnosis of the patient, who can not be replaced by a platform of any kind. Therefore, the user is required to be more intelligent in making decisions about health. More than 15 doctors contribute to this site, complementing the confidence readers find accurate information.

Immediately launch the application mobile

In April 2015 then, hzrtg.com healthy tips announced an early stage investment led by Fenox Venture Capital, backed by 500 Startups, Lim Der Shing, and Golden Gate Venture, with the amount of funds that are not mentioned. One of the largest funding allocation deployed to marketing online , such as Google Ads.

Faibis revealed, hzrtg.com healthy tips will make the application of mobile , to getting closer to the people of Indonesia. The users also can achieve a variety of information and consultation with the doctors, in addition to through the site, as well as through their smart phones, and can be enjoyed for free.

hzrtg.com healthy tips often been in the spotlight for the Indonesian people because of the content and features that have a direct benefit. hzrtg.com healthy tips evidenced by the inclusion in the list of startup potential Forbes, which aired on Tuesday (22/12) ago. In the list, hzrtg.com healthy tips aligned with the Carousell, marketplace buying and selling products , second-hand , from Singapore, which has also been the localization to users in Indonesia. (KA)

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