Why Choose Non-Surgical Hair Replacement over Hair Transplants?

You have seen commercials for hair transplantation. The results you seek are offered, obviously, but the downfalls aren’t highlighted in the advertisements. Hair transplant is costly, can cost you anywhere around $4000 to $15000 or more, depending on the amount of hair follicles you want to transplant. Apart from that there are other downfalls that make hair transplant as the last option to choose.

Non-surgical hair replacement has come up with a bunch of benefits. The new age technology has given the world a new hope for those who are dealing with hair loss. Find out the advantages of non-surgical hair replacement.

No Side Effects

The hair replacement therapies- LLLT and PRP come up as no adverse side effects. Candidates who undergo such therapies have noticed no rashes and any skin related problems. Hair transplant is a surgical method that comprises risks like infection of follicle, bleeding and the chance to get folliculitis. It may lead to inflammation of the follicle also. Though, recovery is possible with antibiotics.

Natural Hair Shine

In terms of getting natural hair growth, hair replacement therapies offer to get back the natural hair shine. You can hope to get natural hair growth again. The technique revaluates the hair follicles and increases healthy hair growth on the bald areas. With hair transplant, if the surgery goes wrong candidates can suffer from scarring and abnormal looking hair growth. Under this treatment, it is often hard to transplant the hair follicles that match to your natural hair. So, it can be noticeable that you have opted hair transplant. It may sound awful but it is true.

No Pain

PRP therapy may cause bearable pain but LLLT causes no pain. The treatment procedure of PRP uses needles to insert plasma rich platelet onto the scalp. The needle insertion may cause pain but it goes away soon. The low level laser therapy causes no pain. Candidates can happily consider the therapy by experts or can go for low level laser comb. The hair transplant is surgical treatment so it involves mild, moderate or severe pain that is controlled with the help of anti-pain killers.

Budget Friendly

This is one of the most prime concerns to choose non-surgical hair replacement. The LLLT treatment has option to consult experts and do it on your own. Both ways are affordable but the cheaper is doing it on your own. PRP is affordable compared to surgical treatments for hair loss.

So, non-surgical hair replacement therapies have many advantages over surgical treatments for hair loss. The non-surgical hair replacement for men and women can cost you almost same but hair transplant for women can cost more than hair transplant for men. Consult to a reputed non-surgical hair loss clinic to learn more. The clinic will analyse your problem and recommend a suitable treatment accordingly. Remember, don’t get late for the treatment. Non-surgical treatments are considered for those who have fresh history of hair loss. So, don’t get late before it’s too late.

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